Safety & Security


Crownsmen Partners has been helping companies providing safety and security services to connect with individuals and organizations who are in need of their services. Our clients have been able to accurately connect with their potential clients and successfully experienced business growth.


Scorpio Security

Protecting industrial & commercial properties, construction sites, retail stores, warehouse facilities or special events gave Scorpio Security a wide range of potential customers but they needed a focused plan to penetrate each segment and build a trusted brand. Our team gave them the ability to leverage existing clients to expand their market share and take meticulously planned steps to becoming one of the fastest growing security company in western Canada.
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OH&S Canada

From the onset, OH&S Canada clearly understood that they would need to stand out from strong competitors to pull business their way. Our team of consultants and marketing managers along with channel partners developed and implemented a full scale marketing strategy to push OH&S Canada from being a new company to a leading player in their sector.
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