Industrial and heavy equipment companies look to optimize their supply chain and reduce inventory turnaround time. Crownsmen Partners helps its industrial clients in inventory management and also helps them expand into new geographies and emerging markets to increase customer base.


Savona Equipment

With the adoption of our B2B marketing strategies, Crownsmen has been able to transform the business of Savona Equipment. The company has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of mining equipment in the North American region. Crownsmen has been rewarded for its efforts in delivering results with a long-term contract with the company. Crownsmen is currently responsible for inventory management, expansion into new sectors and geographies and developing marketing and sales strategy for Savona Equipment on a continuous long-term basis.
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As a company with the ability to supply customized industrial pumping solutions across a wide range of industries including Energy, Mining and Agriculture, Powerzone needed to make a stronger push into specific sectors of these industries. We provided our full team of consultants, professional content developers, market analysts, and marketing managers into giving an industrial company with incredible depth in terms of capability, a much wider market reach.
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