Why should the size of your business stop you from hiring a consultant? Crownsmen Partners has service offerings tailor made for businesses at different stages of evolution. Browse through our FAQs section to get quick answers to some of your questions or better yet, get in touch with our friendly staff and we will be more than happy to personally answer all your questions.

1What does a small business who want to market and develop their business need first?
We define a small business at less than 10 employees. Often a small company needs good analysis and research so they can begin to have a clearer understanding of their market including competitors, market conditions, and understanding their high potential customers.
2What kind of marketing and consulting services do you provide to medium size business?
A Medium business is typically 10 to 100 employees. They still need analysis but often need more in depth marketing recommendations to outline a market penetration strategy. These size of businesses typically need a full expansion strategy that involves both management and training from our firm. This can include everything from managing a marketing budget to training their communications department.
3Where does Crownsmen Partners fit with large businesses’ or corporations’ marketing strategies, businesses development, and market expansion?
The larger the company, often the more complex the targets and challenges. Our firm offers them a third party unbiased and specialized research capabilities, marketing strategies, and often training for their marketing and communications partners department.
4What does your marketing management involve?
Nobody knows your business better than you and nobody knows market research and marketing strategy like us. So our team provides constant real time management as you begin using our strategies to market your company. This includes assigning specialists to each account who provide your team with support, success and threshold monitoring, and re-evaluation as your company's needs evolve.
5Do you have long term contracts? Suggestion: Will I have to sign a long term contract with you?
No. We work based on the results we get your company.
6How transparent is the research, consulting, and marketing work you do?
Our strategies are not a secret so without overwhelming you, we will let you know exactly how we are building your strategy. When it comes to implementation you will receive weekly or monthly updates (depending on the project) so you and your team will have clear insight into our methodology.
7What does marketing training and business training involve?
Business strategy and marketing strategy will to continue to evolve so our consultants and managers will train both individuals and entire divisions to more effectively and efficiently execute new strategies.
8Are you a marketing company?
No, we build they marketing strategy and in some cases we do many thing a standard marketing company does but our ultimate goal is to give you recommendations, provide support through initial execution, and train your team so we aren't needed anymore… or better yet because of your success with our strategies you need us to focus on another area of your company.
9Who have we worked for?
Are market share is in industrial and B2B but our reach is broad and includes consulting for heavy equipment suppliers, retail distributors, financial services, manufactures, and residential and commercials contractors.
10Do you build websites?
Yes and No. We have staff who can certainly do basic edits and modifications but coding, design, and development of websites is complex and often the needs of one customer to another differ greatly so for large projects and new websites we partner with the best web developers to fit your needs.
11Do you only do specialize in online and digital marketing strategy?
We have developed a broad and deep team of professionals. We have staff that specifically work with everything digital. This includes SEO/ SEM, social media marketing, content development, website management, email marketing and more, but we also have people that specialize in business development, raising capital, communications, and production.
12Is any job too small?
We are a fast growing and trusted company. A big part of that is because we don't turn away even the smallest job, if you are in business and need it done come to us and we will find a way to help… even if it means simply sending you in the right direction.
13Will you actually sell for me?
99% of the time you or your team will sell better than we can, at our core we are marketers, business developers, and consultants but if we can help then absolutely we will.







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